Mum's Health: It's not only babies who have sensitive skin...

Mum's Health: It's not only babies who have sensitive skin...

Mum's Health: It's not only babies who have sensitive skin... 
Whilst you are busy looking after your babies skin you can't forget to look after your own and taking care of your skins natural pH to allow you to stay comfortable as well as feeling fresh is super important.
Choosing products that are pH-balanced and moisturing but don’t contain perfumes or parabens is key. Our intimate Care Sensitive Body Wash is a great for all over use also leaving you feeling fresh and re-assured irritation won’t occur, especially 'down-there'.


Nurse Advice: Why Use Intimate Care Body Wash?

"The skin is the largest organ in the body, one of its main functions is to protect the body against outside factors. It is important to keep the skin as healthy as possible on a daily basis as it is exposed to outside influences that challenge the skin’s natural protective function. As stated in a clinical review (Best Practice in Continence Skincare – Wounds Essential 2012 vol 2) The product chosen should be one whose pH range is slightly acidic (normal skin pH ranges from pH 5.4 – 5.9.). A more alkaline pH increases the risk of colonisation by micro-organisms. This means that ordinary soap is excluded as this is alkaline and it is, therefore, recommended that skin cleansers are used. The normal flora in the intimate area contains bacteria which helps maintain the correct acid balance of the skin. Excessive washing with soap in the intimate area can disturb the natural flora and allow other bacteria to enter and increase the risk of infection. Abena’s Intimate Care has a pH of 3.5, this makes it an excellent cleansing choice for the skin and those sensitive areas. Intimate Care cleanses, adds moisture and prevents the skin from drying out."

-  Pamela Reid and Marcia Lee, Nurse Advisors at Abena UK Ltd 


Gentle on the environment, even more gentle on you


Intimate Care Sensitive Body Wash, by our sister company Abena, is developed for sensitive skin and intimate care. Our mild, moisturising ingredients are Dermatologically tested and pH-regulated which makes it ideal for individuals with easily irritated skin. ⠀⠀⠀

Intimate Care is also made with the same environmental care we put into our Bambo Nature products as is Nordic Swan Eco Label accredited.
This product contains no colour, perfume or parabens, has been accredited with the Asthma and Allergy Label and the Nordic Swan Eco Label. It is also Dermatologically tested.


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