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Protective Bed Mat

Protective Bed Mat

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Protect your little one's crib with Bambo Nature disposable Protective Bed Mats. With sealed edges, these mats offer optimum leakage protection, preventing any spills or stains from reaching your baby's crib/bed. Our mats are also breathable, minimizing any potential irritation, ensuring a good night's sleep. Unlike other bed mats, our product contains no chlorine or perfume, making it safe and gentle for your baby's delicate skin. Ideal for night-time accidents, our protective bed mats will give you peace of mind knowing your baby is comfortable and dry. Keep your baby's crib/bed clean and dry with our Protective Bed Mats.

Units Per Pack: 7


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Product Features

✔ Ultra-absorbent

✔ Soft, thin and breathable

✔ Ideal for daily use

✔ With tape to keep the mat in place



Fluff, nonwoven, PE

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