5 baby shower gift ideas for Mum and Baby

5 baby shower gift ideas for Mum and Baby

Are you searching for the perfect gift for an upcoming baby shower? Take a look at our five great baby shower gift ideas for both mum and baby for the big day!

Baby showers are becoming more common all over the world as a way to shower the mother-to-be with presents, and to celebrate the imminent arrival of the baby. Baby showers are traditionally an event for women, and family and friends arrange the shower, which usually takes place four to six weeks before the due date. 

Baby showers generally involve lots of great food, fun games, delicious cake and of course, presents and gifts. Having a baby is expensive, and the gifts received at baby showers can really help the expecting parents prepare.


Gift idea no. 1: Baby Clothes 

If you’re looking for a classic gift idea, you can never go wrong with clothes. As most parents know, babies can go through several clean baby grows every day; they burp, wee and drool, and grow out of those clothes faster than you can clean them. Always go for clothes made of cotton, and if you are in doubt about what style the parents prefer, choose neutral colours that don’t stain easily.

Gift idea no. 2: DIY Nappy Cake

It should come as no surprise to anyone that babies need nappies – as in, LOTS of nappies. And a good stash of high-quality nappies will be a welcomed gift by all new parents. If you want to be on the safe side, get nappies in 2 or 3 sizes. You can never know for sure how big the baby is going to be when it’s born, or how fast it will grow into the next size.  

Are you looking for a creative way to gift nappies? Nappy cakes are very popular baby shower gifts; they’re practical, personal and very cute. Read this blogpost to get our best tips to make your own nappy cake!

Gift idea no. 3: Skin Care

Baby skin is softer and more vulnerable than adult skin and must be treated accordingly. Newborn babies rarely require many skin care products, but as their skin gets accustomed to the (dry) world outside of the womb, there are some basic products that most new mothers will find practical. In our Bambo Nature skincare range you will find the essential baby care products: a bath oil, a hair and body wash, a body lotion and a soothing cream. They are all extremely gentle on the skin, perfume free and made using natural and organic ingredients.

Gift idea no. 4: Toys and playthings 

There are many great options when it comes to toys and other playthings for babies. Many toys are more appropriate for older babies, but there are still options for young babies. An activity centre is a great gift for small babies, as they can lie safely on their backs on the mat while watching all the exciting shapes and colours above them. Reaching out for the dangling toys will also train their motor skills. A colourful mobile for the cot is also a great idea for young babies – newborn babies only perceive black and white clearly, but they start to distinguish red when they are a couple of weeks old. Soon, more primary colours will follow. When you’re buying toys and books for babies, look for contrasting prints and strong primary colours; this will fascinate them the most.

Gift idea no. 5: Pampering for Mummy  

Mothers-to-be can often feel like everything is about the baby now; where is she in all of this? Put together a basket of self-care items for her. A nice shampoo, a facemask or face cream, body oil, nipple balm/repair balm and some nice, fuzzy socks are a great starting point. Another way to help her out could be to bring lots of homemade food in portions for the freezer! During the first weeks after birth, cooking will not be a priority; she will love the convenience of a stocked freezer. Alternatively, we’re sure that a gift card for a food delivery service will also be a very welcome and helpful present.

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