"Hygge" - enjoy the little moments in life

"Hygge" - enjoy the little moments in life

“Hygge” is a Danish word and a concept that we associate with the Danes, their happiness and their way of life. It is a Scandinavian way to conjure up comfort, warmth, and enjoying beautiful moments with people close to our hearts.

"Hygge" at home

On cold winter days, the notion of "hygge" is especially distinct, as it is a time when you and your toddler put on warm socks and make a cup of tea that is served with the Christmas cookies you baked together. And it is a time for letting time stand still. Hold your child in your lap and read your favorite fairy tales by candlelight or to the sound of the fireplace crackling. “Hygge” is spending time with your loved ones and indulging in laughter that fills your home and hearts with a special warmth.

"Hygge" in nature

"Hygge" can also be found outside. Build a snowman together, or take a walk in the forest while enjoying the quietness and cold. Try indulging in the joys of winter and breathe in the fresh air that will clear your thoughts and make you pleasantly tired. There is nothing more pleasing than snuggling up on the sofa with your little one after a long walk outside. Find a warm blanket, close your eyes for a moment, and enjoy an afternoon nap while the cold wind blows outside and frost glistens on the trees.

Spending time alone is also "hygge"

A big part of “Hygge” is spending time with family and friends. But “hygge” can also be spending time alone. In today’s fast pace of life and the hustle and bustle of the outside world, stop for a minute and enjoy your own company. As parents, we spend most of our time caring for our children, and 30 minutes of alone time – just for you – can be rewarding and energising. Before bedtime, try preparing a warm bath with your favorite bath salts, light some candles, open a new book that has been waiting for you on the nightstand for some time, or put on some quiet music that will take you to another world. This will relax your body and soul, your batteries will be recharged, and you will be ready to spend some quality time with your little one the next day.

The holiday season captures the essence of “hygge”

The culmination of "hygge" moments occurs during the Christmas season. Spending quality time together, seeing the joy and excitement in your toddler’s eyes when you tell them magical stories about Santa, the North Pole, reindeers, and gifts prepared by elves. Finding and decorating the Christmas tree with your loved ones, accompanied by Christmas music and delightful scents of homemade delicacies coming from the kitchen. The holiday season comes with a special kind of magic that is hard to describe in words - it is something that you feel.

“Hygge involves comfort, cosiness, a sense of wellbeing, and a relaxed frame of mind”  - Judith Friedman Hansen

Be carefree and enjoy the little moments in life. “Hygge” can be exactly what you want it to be – like the feeling you get when you start your day with an aromatic cup of coffee and end it in your child’s warm and loving embrace. This is the essence of the "hygge" philosophy of life, which makes the Danes one of the happiest nations in the world.

“It is the little moments that make life big” - Unknown

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