Pregnancy week by week: Week 25

Pregnancy week by week: Week 25

You’re approaching your 3rd trimester, and your baby is very active, usually when you want to sleep. Since the birth is fast approaching, it’s a good time to consider who you want to bring with you to the delivery room.

Salsa time, anyone? No?

Around this time, you might start to notice a more stable pattern in your baby’s movements. Your baby is slowly developing a rhythm alternating between activity and sleep, but it’s probably still the opposite of your own circadian rhythm; just as when the baby started moving, your movements during the day can rock the baby to sleep while sitting still or laying down at bedtime will make the baby go “OK, it’s salsa-o’-clock!”.

By the end of week 25 of your pregnancy, your baby measures 33-34 centimetres and weighs 750-790 grams.

The name’s Sandman. The.. Sandman.

Your formerly so-sweet nightly slumber is probably already being disturbed by bathroom runs and gymnastics from your baby. Still, there could also be a more unexpected reason: many pregnant women report extremely vivid dreams during pregnancy. These dreams can go from really happy situations, like meeting your baby for the first time, to nightmares about the birth or accidents involving the baby. Another common theme in vivid pregnancy dreams are conflicts with one’s partner; dreaming of fights and sometimes even cheating and abandonment is common, so if you’re having these kinds of dreams, don’t worry; it’s completely normal.

Generally, most researchers agree that dreaming is a way for our subconscious to handle the issues and worries on our mind at a given time, and with everything going on in your brain during pregnancy, no wonder your dreams seem more intense! There’s bound to be a lot to process in there. These kinds of dreams have also been reported by expectant fathers and partners, which supports this theory (let’s not forget, there’s a lot going on for them too!).

If you’re haunted by a recurring nightmare, it might be an underlying sign of something causing you stress and anxiety in your life. Try to figure out the problem and find a way to tackle it; your body needs all the rest it can get, and stress is bad for both you and the baby.

Who do you want to bring to the delivery room?

Now that you are approaching the third trimester here in week 25 of your pregnancy, and your due date is getting closer and closer, it might be time to start deciding who you want to bring with you to the actual birth. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and supported. You might feel pressured to invite family members or friends that you don’t actually want present, but always put your own comfort first.

Your chosen hospital may have a limit to how many support people are allowed during delivery, but most hospitals allow at least two people present, which is a good number. They can relieve each other if the birth becomes lengthy, and there will be one person to fetch snacks, water etc., while the other can stay by your side so thatyou won’t be left alone. On the other hand, too many people present can make an already chaotic situation worse. Many women choose their partner and their own mother to join them during delivery, but the choice is entirely up to you. Whatever makes you feel calm and supported.

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