Pregnancy week by week: Week 28

Pregnancy week by week: Week 28

Congratulations, you’re in the 3rd trimester! There’s only three short months to go before you meet your baby.

Karate Kid

From now on, the final growth spurt is really kicking in! Your baby’s weight increases rapidly from this point on, and it’s really starting to test those muscles – so don’t be surprised if you start to feel some stronger kicks from the little one. They can be strong enough to make you a little sore, and you might even be able to feel the outline of a tiny foot from the outside of your belly when the baby kicks.

By the end of week 28, your baby measures around 36 centimetres from head to toe and weighs approximately 1380 grams.

Welcome to the third and final trimester

Congratulations, you are now going into the final three months of your pregnancy! Your baby is almost here!

You might suddenly feel overwhelmed with everything you still need to do before the baby comes, but remember to pause and experience the now every so often. Feel your baby kick and stretch and react to the sound of your voice. Every day is a day you won’t get back, so remember to enjoy it as you feel your baby’s development.

Sleeping well in the third trimester

As your baby really starts turbo-growing, the available space in your body starts to get a little tight. Everything is rearranging, from your pelvis and your organs to your joints and ligaments. The baby is moving and kicking, putting pressure on your bladder and the nerves going into your back and legs. So how do you sleep comfortably during the third trimester?

If you prefer sleeping on your stomach or your back before pregnancy, you might have trouble figuring out how to position yourself in bed for a good (or, you know, as good as it gets at this point) night’s sleep. The most recommended sleeping position during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, is to sleep on the side (preferably the left side) with your knees slightly curled against your belly. This sleeping position allows optimal blood flow through your body and to your baby.

In this sleeping position, you can also use pillows to support your body. Place a pillow underneath your belly or maybe your lower back; you can also put a small pillow between your knees to relieve pressure on your lower back and hips. Some pregnant women also buy or DIY full-body pregnancy pillows for optimal support to the body during sleep in the third trimester.

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