Pregnancy week by week: Week 38

Pregnancy week by week: Week 38

Have you heard of sample packages? It’s a great idea to look into free samples and starter packs and order them now to get them home before the baby comes.

“This is it; this is it!.... oh, never mind.”

By week 38, your baby’s head should definitely have dropped into your pelvis, but your baby can still move its head a little bit; this can feel like little stings or jolts in your abdomen. Your Braxton Hicks contractions can become more frequent, and there will be many occasions where you’ll think, “this is it”, only for the contractions to stop again.

During week 38 of your pregnancy, your baby will grow to measure 50 centimetres from head to toe and weigh around 3350 grams.

Samples and starter packages

Did you know that many shops, supermarkets and stores offer free nappy samples and sometimes even free starter packs with many of the products you need when you have a newborn baby? Things like nappies, wet wipes, skin care products and sometimes even pacifiers and bottles. Pretty neat, right?

If you haven’t already looked into it, take a little time to research different companies and shops to find samples and starter packages you would like to try. It’s a particularly good idea to find nappy samples to ensure you have the right size and fit for your baby, and later you can buy the nappy in larger quantities if you like it.

It’s a good idea to order samples and starter packages here in week 38 of your pregnancy to make sure you have them home before the baby comes.

Private party or family-fiesta?

Have you and your partner discussed visits after birth? It can be a tricky subject, as lots of families will probably want to visit and see the baby. Some new parents want no visitors after birth while adjusting to their new family situation. Others want only the closest family, maybe parents or siblings, to visit, since they often feel more comfortable in the house and will maybe help clean, make dinner or perhaps take the baby for an hour or two while the parents get to shower or take a nap. And, of course, there are some people who love to entertain and can’t wait to show the baby to all their family and friends.

Remember, it’s completely ok to have one opinion now and change it later – who knows how long or hard the birth will be? – just remember to communicate openly with each other about your needs; it’s especially important that mom gets time to heal and relax after birth. Also, remember that newborn babies have a weaker immune system, so it’s not necessarily a good idea to expose them to too many people and bacteria; always encourage visitors to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before holding the baby.

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