Bambo Nature and the Environment

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Environmental issues is given high priority in the production of Bambo Nature. Instead of viewing environmental work as an expense, we consider it a prerequisite for the way we do business.

We don’t believe in waste!

Bambo Nature nappies are manufactured in our own manufacturing plant, based at our head office in Denmark. This means that we have full control of the manufacturing process, and also therefore our carbon footprint. We know exactly what goes into each and every single product and ensure that only the safest and kindest of materials are used; not only on your baby but on the environment too! To give you an example; 95% of all product waste during the manufacturing process is recycled by being put back into the machines and used to make the final product allowing us to minimise wastage. The other 5% is used as fuel by being burnt in local communities.

We have been awarded the strictest accreditations!

All Bambo Nature products have been accredited with the Nordic Swan Eco-Label. This is your guarantee that you are using only the most environmentally friendly products on your baby and proof that Bambo Nature products meet one of the strictest environmental accreditations in the whole world. Find out more about The Nordic Swan Eco-Label.Constant Focus on the Environment

Bambo Nature has a dedicated R&D team who have a constant focus on not only making sure that all Bambo Nature products are the amongst the highest performing, if not the best performing products available today, but by also making them as environmentally friendly as possible too.
We pride ourselves on how super soft and comfortable our nappies are compared to other alternatives available today. If you don’t believe us then you can request your free sample and see for yourself!


All of the fluff that is used in Bambo Nature nappies is biodegradable. This doesn’t mean that they are any less absorbent though, we have found that by using a small amount of SAP (super absorbent polymers) we can still have a product that is just as absorbent and therefore high performing too!
By using innovation to develop Bambo Nature nappies and make them thinner but still, high performing products gives many environmental benefits. One of these is that by using fewer materials to produce each product inevitably reduces the demand on the environments natural resources.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Over time, we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint during the shipping process, by making thinner products. This means that more nappies reach your babies bottoms with as little environmental impact as possible. There are also “tall” packs of Bambo Nature nappies available which reduce carbon footprint even further.
You will also notice that Bambo Nature baby wipes contain more pieces per pack than your usual high street brands, meaning better value for money whilst also contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

Gentle on your baby, gentle on the environment too!

There are absolutely no colourants, parabens or perfumes used in Bambo Nature product; these are all unnecessary and could do more harm than good – so to give you peace of mind we leave them out of our products to ensure your child and their delicate skin has the best possible chance of remaining healthy and happy.