Pregnancy week by week: Week 35

Pregnancy week by week: Week 35

If you don’t get those last big things for the baby at a baby shower, now is the time to prepare everything. It’s nice to assemble the changing table and crib while you still have energy and mobility.

Snug as a bug

By week 35 of your pregnancy, there’s not a lot of wiggle room left in your stomach for your baby to move around. So, you might start to feel the kicks and punches shift to pushing and shoving. Your baby’s brain is in the final sprint of development, but the skull is still soft and flexible for a very good reason: It will make it much easier for your baby to squeeze through the birth canal!

During week 35 of your pregnancy, your baby will grow to measure approximately 45 centimetres from head to toe and weigh around 2750 grams.

Do you want a Baby shower?

Baby showers originated in the USA, but they are becoming more and more common worldwide. Baby showers are typically arranged and attended by the women around the mom-to-be, so your family members, friends and sometimes coworkers. It usually involves lots of great food (especially cake!), maybe some fun games and definitely presents for baby and mom.

A Baby shower is a great opportunity to get any last items for the baby; depending on the budget for presents, you could get anything from lots of clothes and onesies for the baby and maybe a homemade nappy cake, to larger items such as a crib or a changing table.

Get that last baby furniture.

If you don’t get a crib, changing table or car seat at your baby shower, or you just still need to get some final things before the baby comes, now is the time. Before you know it, you could be going into labor and the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have a car seat to put the baby in on the way home from the hospital.

If some of the things require assembling, it’s also nice to get them while you still have some energy and mobility to get things done.

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